The Bicycle Design Competition is sponsored by the Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. and managed and produced by the Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center. The first such competition was the "1996 Taiwan Creative Bicycle Design Competition".

  It was followed by the "1997 Bicycle Design Competition Among Korea, Japan & R.O.C." These two competitions were welcomed with great enthusiasm by Korean and Japanese participants as well as by those from Taiwan, and so from the third year on, the competition became a global one. The sponsors anticipated that it could become a channel of communication among bicycle designers, manufacturers and aficionados from all over the world.
  We hope that through the coming together of different design concepts and cultures, bicycle product design can be promoted worldwide. Moreover, we also wish that a way of life incorporating bicycling could be spread worldwide, and make a contribution to improve environmental conditions. We take great pleasure in inviting you to participate in the ONLY worldwide bicycle design competition!

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