The 20th IBDC
[Schedule] The 20th Intl. Bicycle Design Competition (based on the local time in Taipei) a. Registration June 1 ~ September 30, 2015 b. Deadline for Submitting Work September 30, 2015 (No entries will be accepted after 5:00 p.m. on September 30, 2015, Taipei time. Please submit your work early to avoid an overload at our Web Servers.) c. Notification of the Results Before October 31, 2015 d. Award Ceremony & Notification of the Final Results (During the Taipei International Cycle Show 2016)
[Benefit] Increase awareness of your design in one of the world's leading future markets. The award ceremony for the IBDC will take place at Taipei Intl. Cycle Show, where all the award-winning designs will be presented. Every year, more than 1000 companies / manufacturers from over 30 countries attend the Taipei Intl. Cycle Show and it attracts over 50000 visitors. This event has established its identity as Asia's largest trade cycle show. Presentation of your award-winning design at several large exhibitions in Taiwan or abroad IBDC will integrate the award into its PR work to publicize your award-winning design in widely distributed newspapers, magazines, Websites or other media. Opportunity to make your dream come true! --IBDC will present the award-winning designs to bicycle manufacturers, with the goal of licensing two or more designs for mass-production [Declaration of Intellectual Properties] Premise:All designs must be the entrant’s own original work;If legal protection for intellectual property rights has been applied for; the holder of the patent rights must be the entrant. 1.To protect the entrants’ intellectual property, the organizer encourages entrants to apply for legal protection for intellectual property rights before they submit their entries. 2.If the participants had applied for legal protection for intellectual property right and this had been approved before the competition (The entrants should pay the necessary expense themselves). The entrants should discuss with the organizer, and sign an agreement, allowing the organizer to commercialize or promote the product. 3.For any profit earned from intellectual property rights, the entrant will be entitled to 20% of the organizer’s net income from these rights. 4.The organizer has priority to apply for legal protection for intellectual property rights for any entries that have not yet been applied for. If the entries are qualified to apply for legal protection for intellectual property rights directly without modification, the organizer will pay all the necessary expenses for legal protection and the entrants still will be the inventors and should help the organizer to provide necessary documentation during the procedure of applying for legal protection. For any profit earned from intellectual property rights, the inventor will be entitled to 15% of the organizer’s net income from these rights. 5.For entries that have not applied for any legal protection for intellectual property rights, if someone makes improvement to facilitate application for legal protection for intellectual property rights, both entrants and improvers could be the inventors of the design. The entrants should provide the necessary documentation to help the organizer apply for legal protection and the organizer will pay all the necessary expense. For any profit earned from intellectual property, the inventor is entitled to 10% of the organizer’s net income from these rights. 6.Based on the requirements of research and publicity, the entrants grant the organizer all rights to copy, photograph, video-record, publish, display in public or publicize the documents, pictures and files of entries. All entrants are obliged to provide relevant photographs and information regarding entries. - Other Regulations: 1.The organizer will reject incomplete, inconsistent or improper documents and designs. Furthermore, the organizer will not return submitted document and designs. 2.Entries will not be returned to the entrants, but entrants can make a notation at the time of registration that “The organizer has no right to publicize my entry if the design is not selected for the finals.” 3.The decisions of the juries are final and binding. 4.To defend the fairness of judging, entrants may not publicize their prize-winning entries before the announcement of the results. 5.After the announcement of the results, entrants can publicize their prize-winning entries. In order to integrate and generalize the result of the whole activity, entrants should notify the organizer once their designs are put into the public domain through any media. 6.Entrants should notify the organizer once they sign any agreement with a third party regarding prize-winning entries. The organizer also has to notify entrants once a third party is interested in any prize-winning entries and willing to cooperate. 7.All entrants are regarded as having a full understanding of the regulations for the competition and being willing to comply with every rule. 8.The competition is run and implemented by the Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center (CHC), which exercises all of the rights and obligations of the principle sponsors. Please do not contact the DOIT, MOEA or supporting organizations directly regarding this competition.
[Theme of competition] Bicycles and Bike components and accessories Notes: Auxiliary power is also acceptable. * Mountain Bike * City Bike * BMX * Racing Bike *All Terrain Bike * Electric Bike * Folding Bike * Children's Bike * Exercise Bike * Bicycle components and accessories * Others [Participation] (1) Entrants must be a member of IBDC website and register over the net at If you participate as a group, you must designate one person to be the group's representative. There is no limit on the number of entries for each participant, but you need to fill out a separate application form with different member account for each entry. Your member account and password will be used when submitting graphics and for updating your personal data. Should there be any problem when you register, please contact: Email: Tel: 886-4-24631100 ext. 813 (2) After registration, you may upload your entry at any time up until the deadline. (3) At the conclusion of the Judging, the International Jury will select the top twenty-two entries for the Winners. (4) The final results will be announced at the award ceremony. [Required Items To Be Submitted] To take part in the IBDC, you must submit the following for each entry: (1) You need to be a member of IBDC website and completely filled-out online registration form during June 1 ~ September 30, 2015 (2) Required Items To Be Submitted Graphic a, b, c, d (each shall be 1024 width x 768 height pixels and less than 500kb in the JPEG format) upload before September 30, 2015 See "Example" under “Guidelines “from the menu of To ensure that the judging is fair, the submitted items must be in no way identifiable! a. Description of the entry In English only, 300~500 words in length. Contents should include: Title of Entry Concept of Design Target Market Innovative Features b. An orthographic layout with dimensions Mark major dimensions on the front-, side-, and top-view drawings. c. A structural-design drawing Show the special structural features of your design. You may give a description in English. d. A rendering drawing An interpretative drawing depicting your design, including a background. The above items must be electronic files and upload to IBDC website from online registration form via your member account.
[Awards] Gold Award (1 winner)-Bicycle (1) Prize of NT$350,000 (2) Certificate Silver Award (1 winner)- Bicycle (1) Prize of NT$150,000 for each winner/group (2) Certificate Special Award (1 winner)- Bike components and accessories (1) Prize of NT$70,000 for each winner/group (2) Certificate Excellent Award (6 winners) (1) Prize of NT$30,000 for each winner/group (2) Certificate Merit Award (12 winners) (1) Prize of NT$15,000 for each winner/group (2) Certificate Notes: 1. The prizes and subsidies that are awarded will be paid either in New Taiwan dollars in Taiwan or in USD/EUR/JPY/THB at the official rate of exchange. Please note that prizes awarded to foreign participants shall have a 20% income-tax deduction. 2. Prizes and certificates will be handed out at the award ceremony.
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